Price: 110.00

Product Description

A selection of branded packing materials to get your move started for your 3-4 bedroom house. All packs are packaged and bound securely for delivery – FREE Delivery with this pack.

Exact contents includes

  • 8 x small double walled boxes (355 x 295 x 365mm)
  • 10 x medium double walled boxes (405 x 405 x 405mm)
  • 5 x large double walled boxes (500 x 500 x 500mm)
  • 2 x rolls of clear packing tape
  • 1 x fragile packing tape
  • 1 x tape gun
  • 1 x marking pen
  • 12m x bubble wrap

Small to Medium boxes can be used for pictures, mirrors, garden tools and general household goods. Larger box  can be used for bulky lightweight items like lamps, electronics , curtains, clothing or duvets. Bubble wrap will secure and protect fragile belongings. Fragile tape will help indicate what boxes should be handled delicately. Marking pens can be used to label contents.


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