How To Store Your Furniture

How To Store Your Furniture

Elephant Click & Store on 28th Jan 2024

Furniture Storage: How To Store Your Furniture

When storing personal items and goods, furniture should be looked at with extra care, as it requires more protection when left stored in a room long-term or even short-term.

Let’s have a look at what are the required steps on how to store your furniture to protect it.


Clean down your furniture before you store it, this adds a layer of protection using the right cleaner on metal/wood, etc. Ensure the furniture is completely dry before you store it. Patches of trapped moisture on your goods can cause damage.

Dismantle any large piece of furniture dismantles for ease of transport. This is will make your moving job quicker. If you are unable to dismantle the furniture yourself ring the removals beforehand and ask them to do it. This will ensure they have the correct tools. You can remove legs from tables, dismantle beds or shelves.


Protect your furniture with blankets. You can use brown paper to wrap furniture legs. Use bubble wrap on pictures, Mirrors, lamps, and TVs. Single/ Double / King Size mattresses can be stored as they are or you can use a mattress cover, this will also protect you while in transport.

Room Size

Elephant Click & Store offers over 40 different size Self Storage rooms that are naturally ventilated. When choosing a storeroom allow for some space between items to allow easy access and airflow. It’s temping to try and squeeze the furniture in but if you’re storing for a long while there is a risk of damage since the furniture is not easy to access.

Make a plan before you store – Big items go into your room first as they take up most of the space. Using the height of the storerooms as much as possible, then your small items can fit on the large items and between gaps. Small items can only be stacked at a certain height so you won’t get the benefit of using all the space.


Some home insurance policy covers the furniture and other items placed in storage. If you don’t inform them you won’t be insured in storage, most Irish home policies don’t provide cover for furniture in storage. If your policy doesn’t provide adequate coverage, you take the cover out under Elephant Click & Store. It’s well worth the additional expense to have the peace of mind of knowing your valuables are protected in the event of a loss.